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Ilbra Yacoob

Encino, California Travel Agent

Luxury Culinary Travel Advisor

Connecting travelers with local culture and the land through their taste buds. There is a romance tied to every ingredient’s origin that should never go unnoticed. Whether you are a chef, a foodie or simply a traveler who wants to engage more deeply with the people of the places you travel, I can arrange luxury itineraries that include extraordinary and revealing culinary and wine travel experiences. My appreciation for the land also has led me to specialize in eco-tourism adventures.

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Travel Specialties

A Life of Travel, Adventure, and Culinary Arts

As a travel agent who specializes in culinary and cultural travel and eco-tourism adventures, I am able to create immersive and luxurious experiences that take you to the heart and soul of a destination, from staying in a rainforest lodge on a... Read more from my A Life of Travel, Adventure, and Culinary Arts bio.

Food & Wine Travel Expert

I am not your usual travel agent. With a  background in the food and wine industry, I bring a unique perspective to travel planning and have become an expert in getting to the heart of a culture through food and wine.

My... Read more from my Food & Wine Travel Expert bio.

Exploring the World through its Spirits

Greece has its ouzo, Mexico has tequila and mezcal, France has its Calvados, and Japan has its sake. Each has traditions and rituals wrapped around it, so exploring the typical spirits of a region can take you right into the soul... Read more from my Exploring the World through its Spirits bio.

Travel Experiences

African Safari in the Maasai Mara National Reserve
Seaside in Sozopol
My World Travels

Discovering Panama

Before I became a travel agent, a friend and I were thinking of going to Costa Rica to experience rain and cloud forests and have an active adventure. When someone suggested that we could have a less expensive and less touristy experience in Panama, we started looking into it.

Not sure about... Read more from my Discovering Panama story.