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Christie Troutt

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Customized, Concierge-Level Service

My job as your travel agent is to make your life easier. Often, you may not even know that I have performed a minor miracle to keep your trip on track or arrange your dream experience.

When weather causes flight delays or cancellations, for example, I am on top of it and will likely rebook you on the next flight out before you even realize that your flight has been canceled. I probably will not tell you; but I may have spent quite a bit of time searching for the best option and doing whatever was necessary to get you on that flight.

It is very different for people who make their own reservations. For example, if you are flying to Dallas and miss your connection, chances are that many travelers also have missed connections. You will have to line up at the airport, and those who are not at the front of the line are unlikely to get a seat on the next flight. As a travel agent with Protravel International—one of the largest and most respected travel agencies in the country—I have a lot of clout. Many airlines have a special Protravel desk that only takes our calls.

Most top hotels recognize our clients as VIPs and provide them with complimentary extras such as food and spa credits and other value-added amenities.The power of Protravel and my own personal relationships with suppliers often can get you special access as well.

Do you have your heart set on a room in a sold-out hotel? I may be able to pull some strings. Do you want to take a client out tonight to a restaurant that requires reservations months in advance? I will see what I can do.

Protravel agents work as a team, so you benefit not only from my knowledge but from that of a network of well-traveled, experienced professionals. I have worked in many different aspects of the travel industry, but I feel like I have found my home at Protravel. It gives me the tools and support I need to provide concierge-level service and customized solutions for my corporate and entertainment clients as well as special experiences for leisure travelers.

Before coming to Protravel, I worked at Club Med, then became an adventure tour guide in North America, and traveled around Southeast Asia. In 2002, I started as a trainee in an agency, and within a year and a half was promoted to agency manager and then into upper management. However, I missed directly interacting with clients.

Interestingly, while I specialize in corporate and entertainment travel, increasingly I find myself being asked to also plan trips for families and couples. I have also seen an increase in “bleisure,” combining leisure activities with business trips.

Often I will suggest ways clients can do this at minimal additional cost. For example, if you are in London for business, it might cost you no more to fly home from Paris, so you might want to spend a weekend there. In some cases by choosing the right airline, you can fly home from a different city and, even after the cost of a hotel, you might save money. P

rotravel also provides access to discounts and deals and many clients appreciate it when I alert them to these. For example, I have a client who often goes to Tampa so I alert him when I see a great deal there.

It is just one of the many ways I work to provide the best service possible and exceed your expectations.

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Travel with my Mom!

Reviewed By CD - Valley Village | Traveled to Barcelona ~ Spain ~ Europe
I met Christie while working with my past Executive and was sure to continue my relationship with her for my travel needs on to my next Executive. Christie now navigates very complicated trips throughout Australia, China, and the US seamlessly. And I use her for personal travel - my friends and family use her too!
I would recommend this agent to my family and friends
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