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Executive Travel Agency Services

Enjoy a seamless corporate and executive travel experience with Ryan Killin of Protravel International in your corner. Offering more than 13 years of experience providing travel agency services, Ryan knows how to help travelers with everything from planning itineraries to booking the best suites, negotiating airfare waivers and making the most of frequent flyer programs. A citizen of the world who was born in Australia, Ryan has been a resident of London, England, Vancouver, Canada, and most recently, the United States. Ryan has not only traveled widely, but also has lived in many of the countries he specializes in. Priding himself on handling every detail of his client’s trip, “from the booking process to the time the traveler steps foot into his home,” Ryan thoroughly enjoys his work and devotes himself to making every trip a memorable, pleasant experience for his clients. Even if it’s a mundane business trip, or just one more show in a long line of shows for a famous entertainment group, there is still much to be said for creating the ideal travel experience that goes perfectly according to plan, from beginning to end. Busy executives appreciate his attention to detail, in-depth knowledge and consistent delivery of high-value travel agency services.

As an expert in what he calls “Road Warrior travel,” Ryan is skilled in coordinating even the tiniest of details for his frequent travelers that others often overlook. Which hotel has the best bar? Where’s the closest casino? What’s a nearby fancy restaurant? Do you know a good limousine service? These are all questions Ryan fields with ease. According to Ryan, he’s a trusted “helper” for all of his clients and he loves making their corporate travel as enjoyable as possible. Ryan offers his services for both domestic and international travel. Special requests don’t upset him either – he’ll happily customize a trip to meet your needs. Settled into his current home in San Francisco, California, with his husband and his French bulldog, Ryan looks to the future with a view of staying abreast of the latest industry trends and helping his executive and entertainment industry clients with all their travel needs.

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